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by Cologne

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lucyanna so groovy! sacred is super funky and mine is attention-catching because of its unusual style. Favorite track: Sacred.
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M Stellar funky nu r&b. Favorite track: Mine.
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Danny Lane and Billy Manoudakis are the left and right brain of New York-based Cologne. The Staten Island natives make poppy, quirky, electronic R&B, commanding attention on their Hit City U.S.A. debut with a dangerously easy listen.

Their creative process was born out of an abnormal inconvenience — Billy works as a boat’s captain while Danny stays landlocked, producing tracks and hustling work as a photographer. The two communicate with one another through music, sending loops and snippets from wherever they happen to be, independently writing pieces of songs that smoothly snap into place.

Throughout this, the two share a thing for synths and classic pop, creating songs that are warm, relaxed, and inescapably catchy. Though their influences range from '80s dance music to Drake, they see Cologne as something new and have a very pure idea of success: “If people are like 'that was catchy and it felt pretty good' we are happy.”


released May 19, 2015



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Cologne New York, New York

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Track Name: Mine

Waiting for something right.
For something wrong.
I'll take my time to believe in something.
They're giving this stuff away..

Shaking. On Sunday night.
The night's so long.
I heard this song and I deleted something.
I'm giving my junk away..

Janey's gone to Paris.
I'm drinking too much wine.
I'm celebrating futuristic dancing. And good times.
Janey's got 2 karats.
I know that you've got mine. I know that you've got mine.

Changing..this thing called love.
And I got yours and you got me.
But damn we both got nothing.
They're giving us shit today.

Meagan...I hope I'm right.
I won't be wrong.
I take my time if I believe in something.
I'm not giving this junk away..

Could it be on time?
Could it be something that I rhyme?
I've done nothing right.
Could it be on time?
Let's do nothing right.
I've done nothing wrong.
Could it be on time?
It's all because I'm wiser.
I couldn't believe I was right.
Could it be on time?
etc. etc. etc.
Track Name: Sacred
I'm getting a clear vision
Stading over you
Tracing your body
But it's good
And it's great
And it's on
And it's right

Signed, Sealed and Sacred. I'm yours.
Why you twisting my arm?
I've been tripping over you.
Up On Top. How you acting so cool mister lady baby?

I'm getting a vision.
Standing next to you.
Waiting in the movie line...which I like sometimes...

It's a silly thing getting angry over little things.

Signed, Sealed and Sacred. I'm yours.
Why you twisting my arm?
I've been tripping over you.
Up on top. How you act so cool mister, lady, baby?